Ostrander and Scioto Township History

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Col. James W. Crawford  (1)
Born 1788  (28)
Died 1858  (1)
Dec. 22, 1859 (28)
Buried Oak Grove Cemetery, Delaware, Delaware Co., OH (28)
WIFE Elizabeth Van Lear1  (1)
Died 1821  (1)
WIFE Nancy Stephen2 (28)  Previously married to Zachariah Stephens
Married 1822  (34)
CHILDREN William P. Crawford  (1)
Col. James M. Crawford22


1826 Auditor's List (28)
129AC; value $266
1830C Scioto Twp., Delaware Co., OH (28)
1 M under 5; 2 M 5-10; 1 M 10-15; 1 M 15-20, 1 M 40-50; 1 F under 5; 1 F 15-20; 1 F 20-30
State Senator and other local political posts
Colonel of a regiment of State militia for a number of years, and had been a soldier in the war of 1812  (1)
Maryland  (1)
1811; came to Delaware Co., OH  (1)
None found.
James W. and Elizabeth (Van Lear) Crawford, both of whom were natives of Maryland, where they resided until 1811, when they removed to Delaware Co., Ohio; they were the parents of four sons and one daughter. Mrs. Crawford died in 1821. Mr. Crawford was in his lifetime a prominent and influential man ; he represented his county in the State Senate one term, and held a number of lesser offices in the county; he was Colonel of a regiment of State militia for a number of years, and had been a soldier in the war of 1812 ; he departed this life in 1858.  (1)

In the war of 1812, and the Indian wars of that period, Delaware County, comprising then but a population of a few hundreds, came forward with the same lofty spirit of patriotism which has ever since pervaded her sons, and which characterized their Revolutionary sires. There were some who had been present, at the surrender of Cornwallis, and others who had been with Gates and Greene in the South, while many others were descendants of such heroic stock; and, when the tocsin of war sounded, and the roar of the British lion was again heard in the land, like the clans of Roderick Dhu, who assembled for battle at the "circling o'er " of the "fiery cross" they took down their old flint-lock fowling piece and hastened to offer themselves for the defense of their country. Many enlisted upon their arrival in the county as emigrants, even before they had found shelter for their families, and others were drafted into the service while oil their way to their destined place of settlement. The whole number who served in the army from this county, during the war. cannot, after this long lapse of time, be given, but comprised most all of the able-bodied men. A company of cavalry was raised in the county; of which Elias hurray was Captain, and James W. Crawford, the father of Col. Crawford, of Delaware, was a Lieutenant, and did duty for some time ; while several regiments, or portions of regiments, of infantry, were recruited; and, upon special alarm; the militia was called out to defend the settlements.  (1)

In the Presidential campaign of 1832 such was or had become. the popularity of Gen. Jackson, he swept everything before him. Col. James W. Crawford, who was a lieutenant in the company commanded by Capt. Elias Murray in the war of 1812, was elected as the Administration candidate the successor of Senator Carpenter, and Capt. John Curtis.  (1)


None found.