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Joseph Dodds (23)
Parents Andrew Dodds, Mary Cochran (23)
Born 1792, Washington Co., PA (23)
Died Jan. 31, 1879, Union County (23)
Buried Fairview Cemetery, Scioto Twp., Delaware Co., OH (23)
WIFE Sarah Lawrence (23)
Parents John Lawrence, Janet (Jane) Cochran (23)
Born 1807 (23)  PA  (31)
Died Feb. 25, 1873 (23)
Buried Fairview Cemetery, Scioto Twp., Delaware Co., OH (23)
CHILDREN Mary Jane Dodds (23)
Matilda L. Dodds (23)
  James N/H. Dodds (23)
  Harvey Dodds (23)
John Dodds (23)


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Joseph Dodds Family Sheet (23)      
1826 Auditor's List
1 horse, $40; 3 cattle, $16 (23)
1830C Scioto Twp., Delaware Co., OH
1 M under 5; 1 M 15-20; 1 M 20-30; 1 M 30-40; 1 F under 5; 1 F 5-10 1 F 30-40  (23)
1840C Scioto Twp., Delaware Co., OH
1 M 40-50; 1 M 10-15; 1 F 30-40; 1 F 15-20; 1 F 10-15 (23)
1850C Scioto Twp., Delaware Co., OH
2379-2391 Joseph, 58, PA; Sarah, 49, PA; Mary Jane, 26, OH; James M., 21, OH; Mary Ann Stevens, 9, OH; Cyrus Sanders, 3, OH (23)
50AC Improved; 117AC Unimproved; value land $1670; value farm machinery $75; 3 milch cows; 17 other cattle; 16 sheep, 7 swine; value live stock $306; 300bu corn; 100bu oats; 50lbs wool; 100bu potatoes; 150lbs butter; 3T hay (23)
1860C Scioto Twp., Delaware Co., OH
998-975 Joseph, 68, PA; Sarah, 59, PA; Jane, 19, PA (23)
1870C Scioto Twp., Delaware Co., OH
James, 76; Nancy, 65; David S., 33 (23)
War of 1812 (23)
None found.
Marysville Tribune - March 19, 1879 - JOSEPH DODDS OBITUARY
Joseph Dodds, age 86 years, 9 months, and two days.  Mr. Dodds was a native of Washington County, Pa.  His parents were Andrew and Mary Dodds.  When Joseph was a child, the family moved to Erie County, Pa. and resided near to the city of Erie and close to the borders of the lake, where he grew to manhood.  For a few months he was enlisted and served as a soldier in the war against Great Britain.  Upon his discharge from the service and before the close of the3 war, he and the family came to Ohio, and took up their residence in 1813 on the Darby where a small settlement had been made a few years before.  Here they resided only two years, when they again settled on lands in Delaware County, on or near Little Millcreek where there was scarcely a settler or family for miles around.  The county was almost an unbroken wilderness.  Here the family made a permanent home, and some of its members still reside in that vicinity.  Here Mr. Dodds was married to Miss Sarah Lawrence with whom he lived in happy wedded life t th time of her death Feb. 25th, 1873, for more than 52 years.  To them were born nine children, none of whom are now living; and only three grand children survive them.  More than fifty years ago, Mr. Dodds united with the Presbyterian Church, and he remained in its communion till death.
Mr. Dodds was a plain man, quiet and unobtrusive in his manners, but of sound judgment, good sense, and an humble believer in the Savior of men; and in extreme old age, having served his day and generation, he quietly fell asleep and passed down through the dark valley holding fast to the Divine rod and staff.  "Your fathers, where are they? and the prophets, do they live forever?" (23)
Sarah Lawrence was a member of the Ostrander Presbyterian Church at its organization. Nov. 9, 1834. (23.31)
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