Ostrander and Scioto Township History

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Dr. Erastus Field (1)
Parents John Field, Sarah H. Ellsworth (1)
Born May 25, 1818, Worcester Co. Mass (1)
Died aft. 1878/79, Knoxville, Tenn.  (24)
WIFE Hannah Bean (1)
Born August 28, 1825, Delaware Co. Oh (1)
Married May 27, 1845 (1)
CHILDREN Dr. John Howard Field (1)
Rebecca Hague Field


Erastus Field's 1871 US Patent for Remedy to Cattarrh and Asthma      
1850C Scioto Twp., Delaware Co., OH
2393-2305 Dr. Erastus, 29, Mass.; Hannah, 25, OH; John Howard, 3, OH; Rebecca Hague, 12  (28)
1860C Scioto Twp., Delaware Co., OH
965-963 Erastus, 40, Mass., Physician; Hannah, 35, OH,; John, 12, OH (28)
Physician (1)
Member of the Ohio State Medical Society since its inception in 1852
None found.
Massachusetts (1)
1823; Frankfort, KY (1)
1825; Portage Co., OH (1)
1828; Mississippi (1)
Pittsburgh, PA (1)
1840; Columbus, OH (1)
abt. 1842; Frankfort, Union Co., OH (1)
1844-1852; Bellpoint, Delaware Co., OH (24)
1852; Ostrander, Delaware Co., OH (1)
1878/79; Knoxville, Tenn.   (24)
None found.
Dr. Erastus Field's family were natives of Massachusetts; his father finely educated, and a Presbyterian minister.  In 1823, his family removed to Frankfort, Ky. where they remained for about 2 years, them came to Portage Co., Ohio.  Erastus' father left his family and went to Mississippi for the purpose of teaching in a college there; in about a year he returned to his family, but was soon called to teach.  Soon after his return from the South, he was taken sick, and in a short time died..  This was in 1828, and Dr. Field at this time was only 10 years old.  He went to live with a farmer of the neighborhood after his father's death, with whom he remained about four years, or until his mother's death, soon after that even, he went to Pittsburgh, and for some time worked in a comb factory.  the crisis of 1837 compelled his employer to suspend, and young Field took a trip through Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, early in the Spring of 1840, he left Richmond, Ind. by stage to Dayton, Ohio; after a long a tedious journey, he arrived in Dayton, and soon left for Columbus, here he remained for some time, and there became acquainted with Dr. J.S. Skinner of "Darby Plains," who induced him to take up the study of medicine; he remained with Dr. Skinner about four years; three years as a student and the last as a practitioner, having almost entire charge of the practice.  At the expiration of the four years, at which time he took a trip West, visiting the Pacific slope and a number of States and Territories; after an absence of about two years, he returned to Ohio, and practiced a short time at Frankfort, Union Co.  The C.C.C.&I. Railroad was at that time building and the village of Ostrander starting up.  Dr. Field purchased property in the village and began practice there.  In 1880, Dr. Field owned an improved property in Ostrander and 200 acres of land adjoining the village. (1)

Dr. Erastus Fields located ast Bellpoint, the one place for all the later newcomers to settle on coming to Delaware County.  He came in 1844 and remained until 1852, when he located at Ostrander.  At that time he was one of the oldest resident physicians in Scioto Township and in the county.  He was a member of the Ohio State Medical Society from its organization in 1852.  (24)

None found.