Ostrander and Scioto Township History

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Joseph Maugans  (28)
Parents Abraham Maugans, Elizabeth Frey  (28)
Born Jan. 13, 1797, Maryland  (28)
Died Feb. 5, 1873  (28)
Buried Millcreek Cemetery, Scioto Twp., Delaware Co., OH  (28)
WIFE Sarah Horan (Horine)  (28)
Born Feb. 23, 1802  (28)
Died Dec. 18, 1876  (28)
Buried Millcreek Cemetery, Scioto Twp., Delaware Co., OH  (28)
Married March 20, 1820, Washington Co., Md  (28)
CHILDREN Malinda Maugans  (28)
  George M. Maugans  (28)
  Tobias Maugans  (28)
  Catherine Maugans  (28)
  Martin Maugans  (28)
  Joseph Maugans  (28)
  Sarah Maugans  (28)
Susan Elizabeth Maugans  (28)
  Samuel Maugans  (28)
  Jacob Maugans  (28)
James Colvin Maugans  (28)


1850C Scioto Twp., Delaware Co., OH  (28)
2397-2409 Joseph, 54, Md; Sarah, 48, Md; Sarah, 16, OH; Elizabeth, 15, OH; Samuel, 11, OH; Jacob, 8, OH
1850AG  (28)
60AC Improved; 58AC Unimproved; value land $2000; value farm machinery $75; 3 horses; 7 milch cows; 10 other cattle; 25 sheep; 50 swine; value livestock $250; 25bu wheat; 500bu corn; 200bu oats; 70lbs wool; 200bu potatoes; 250lbs butter; 3T hay; 100lbs maple sugar; home manufacture $25; value animals slaughtered $50
1870C Scioto Twp., Delaware Co., OH  (28)
65 Joseph, 78, Md; Betsey, 75, Md
Will of Joseph Maugans  (28)
The Will of Joseph Maugans, Delaware County, OH probate, lists the following children:  Malinda Houtz, George Maugans, Tobias Maugans, Martin Maugans, Joseph Maugans, Sarah Loch, Elizabeth Dorward, Samuel Maugans, and Jacob Maugans.
None found.
None found.
1850  Census, Scioto Twp., Delaware Co., Ohio
1862  Purchases Lot 30 in the Village of Ostrander, Ohio
1870  Census, Scioto Twp., Delaware Co., Ohio (probably same lot, Ostrander not yet incorporated)
None found.
Joseph was a native of Maryland where he was married and continued to reside until 1835, when he, with his family, removed to Ohio, and settled in Fairfield Co.  They remained there but a short time, and came to Delaware County, where they permanently located.  Mr. Maugans was a man noted for his decision of character, honesty, and industry.; he held a great man positions of honor and trust in Scioto Township, and was universally respected by all who knew him; he departed this life in 1873, and his wife in 1875 - from Baskin's Delaware County History p. 731  (28)

Oral history has it that.... four of the siblings; Joseph, Daniel, Enoch, and Susan, with their families, moved to Delaware County, Ohio, about 1837.  The wife of Joseph (Sarah Horan/Horine) roade horseback carrying upon her person $2500 in gold for the four families.  Also it is of interest to note that this wife is the daughter of a slave-holding family who opposed her marriage to Joseph because he was not of a slave-holding family.  However the family gave her a male slave to be her personal servant and he accompanied the family to Ohio.  In 1937 a grand-daughter of Joseph then about 92 years of age told me (Leo Lillian Wise) she could recall seeing him (an aged man) sit near the fireplace and upon baking day, ask, "missy, please bake me an apple-pan dowdy".  (28)

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