Equity #782 (Book 4, 329-) - 7 Nov 1843

BOVEY vs BOVEY - Settlement of Estate

Jacob BOVEY  d/ May 1843 intestate, leaving
widow - Elizabeth (age abt 60) and children -
- Simon BOVEY and w/ Elizabeth (RUDEISELL)
- Rosanna BOVEY
- Christiana  w/o Henry WARNER
- Solomon BOVEY and w/ Mary (BIGHAM)
- Elizabeth  w/o Jonathan JONES
- David BOVEY (d/ Jun 1841) and w/ Catharine (MAUGINS) - their minor children -
.....Emanuel BOVEY
.....Martin BOVEY
.....Jacob BOVEY
.....Elizabeth BOVEY
Property consisted of 80 acres conveyed to him by Thomas PHILIPS and wife;
also had 14 acres near Hagerstown conveyed to him by Samuel ROHRER.

Adam KINKLE was made guardian; witnesses were George I. HARRY (age 60 in 1844) and
Philip WINGERT (age 58).  The properties were to be sold free of the widow's dower
and widow was to receive 1/9 of proceeds from sales.  David's widow, Catharine,
would not receive anything since David died before his father.  On 1 Jun 1844,
David G. YOST was made trustee.

On 10 Oct 1844, sale was held for 5 lots:  Lot #5, 3+ acres and house went to
William JOHNSTON for $506; Lot #4, 3+ acres, went to William JOHNSTON for $210;
Lot #3, 3+ acres, went to Alexander NEILL for $73.75/acre; Lot #1 and #2, 4+ acres,
 did not fetch enough and were sold at private sale to George FECHTIG at $65/acre.
The farm of 70 7/8 acres was sold on 12 Oct 1844 for $28.50/acre to Richard McCARDLE. 
Total sales was $3,563.21.

on 15 Jul 1845, John BEAR was made guardian.  By 3 Nov 1845, David G. YOST had died,
intestate and insolvent before collecting all the monies resulting to some loss to
the estate.  John BEAR was made trustee on 2 Dec 1845 and he and Martin BEAR were
bonded.  There was still 3/4 acre and undivided interest of 1/4 to a lane from
Jonathan Street to the lots which was not sold, later being sold to Marmaduke W.
BOYD for $40 privately.  By 14 Apr 1849, the widow Elizabeth had died and Henry
WARNER was her executor.