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This digital library provides many advantages including the ability to continually revise and add information regarding the people and events of Ostrander and Scioto Township.  Documents, pictures, and histories can be preserved for centuries to come.  Rare documents and pictures with great sentimental value to the owner can be shared with everyone without fear of damage or being misplaced.

The library is striving to not only record the history, but to also record the source of the information.  You are encouraged to provide the source of the information (i.e. U.S. Census, name of newspaper, legal document, book, etc).  Unfortunately the internet is littered with incorrect historical and genealogical facts that were the result of an impatient weekend genealogist.  We're striving to keep our library litter free!

Simply email your documents, text files, scanned images, and pictures.  Your information will be formatted to fit the design and style of the library or added to the appropriate pages.  Once completed, a link to the pages that have been updated with your information will be emailed to you for your review.

Email the Ostrander and Scioto Township Digital Library

We thank you in advance for your family histories, pictures, and other documents that record the people and events of Scioto Township.



The initial onslaught of information to the digital library comes from the personal collections of David Cooper and Carolyn Van Brimmer.  Much of the genealogical information is the fine work of Margaret Bouic who also provided a variety of rare pictures and documents.  Christina Gabriel Johnson provided much of the inspiration for this website over 25 years ago when she dropped off a box of documents and pictures to a little boy who showed some interest.  That little boy was David Cooper.  Carolyn Van Brimmer drove it home with  her persistent "Get it on the internet!"

Check out the What's New link here or on the home page to see who's contributing. 

Email the Ostrander and Scioto Township Digital Library