Ostrander and Scioto Township History

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Written by Margaret Bouic
October 1984






The Providence Church was organized Dec. 5, 1860, with nine members, by Rev. H.B. Brinkeroff.  It is located three miles south of Ostrander.  J.H.P. Bouic and Benjamin Turney were the first elders, and Rev. Mr. Brinkeroff was the first supply.  They went to the Congressional church with their minister, at the same time mentioned in connection with the Jerome Church (1862).  In 1878, under the ministry of Rev. Thomas Hill, they again came back to the Presbyterian Church.  The church since that time has been supplied at the same time and y the same ministers that have preached to the Ostrander Church.  John S. Smart, Richard Clark, Joseph Hutchinson, Asa Smart, Daniel Bouic, George Clark and N.C. Bown have since their return to the Presbyterian Church have served as elders.  During the time the church was under the control of the Congregationalists, a frame church was erected, wth the help of their Church Erection Society.  After their return, the Presbytery of Marion paid the mortgage owed by that society, and now holds a mortgage on this church building (copied from "The History of Marion Presbytery" by Rev. A.C. Crist (1908), page 160, 161).

The following list of members is taken from the minute book of Providence Church.  Except for dates the individuals joined the church, the information is from family records, census, cemetery, and court records.  For information about persons with "OPC __", see that number in History of Ostrander Church".

Benjamin Turney, 1860, Dismissed to Ostrander Presbyterian Church, OPC232
Elizabeth Turney, 1860, Dismissed to Ostrander Presbyterian Church, OPC233
J.H.P. Bouic, 1860, Elder from Sept 1, 1878 to Feb 21, 1889
Catherine Bouic, 1860
Rachel Hutchisson, 1860
Delila Hutchisson, 1861
Mollie (Mary) Hutchisson, 1861, Dismissed to Ostrander Presbyterian Church, OPC234
Joseph R. Hutchisson, 1870, Elder from Sept 1, 1878 to Feb 23, 1883
Susan McKirgan, 1873
Rachel Wells, 1874
John Wells, 1873
Christian Washington Bouic, 1876
Rebecca Jane Bouic, 1876
Hannah Serena Bouic, 1876
Mary Catharine Clark, 1876
John S. Smart, 1876, Elder
Mary Smart
William Smart, 1876
Asa Smart, 1876