Ostrander and Scioto Township History

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Records of the Village of Ostrander
Ostrander Plat Map with Pictures and Lot History
Solving the Mystery of Ostrander's Namesake
Ostrander's First Real Estate Developer; James Liggett
Fire of 1925
Centennial of 1975
Sesquicentennial of 2002
Delaware County Book Mobile & Ostrander Branch
Ostrander Waste Water Treatment Plant










LookingEfrom2ndNorthJohnson.gif (222193 bytes)
Looking South from Main and North St Looking West from Main and North St Looking east from North and 2nd St Christina Gabriel Johnson's Notes from Back of Picture Looking east from North and 2nd St
 Robinson Brothers Ostrander Ohio
Hannawalt Store
Southwest Corner of North and Main St
Robinson Bros. Store, Funeral Parlor, and Opera House Looking North from North and Second Street at Monument Shop Looking Southwest from North and 3rd St
OstNorthStLookingWest.gif (274444 bytes) OstMainStLookingNorth.gif (273447 bytes) OstMainSt.gif (256582 bytes) OstNorthMain.gif (226506 bytes)
Looking west down North Street from Main & North Street Looking north down Main Street from railroad tracks Another picture looking north down Main Street Corner of North and Main Street
fire193.gif (202969 bytes) fire194.gif (173099 bytes) fire195.gif (162810 bytes) rrbuildings1925.gif (122080 bytes)
1925 Fire
Looking SE from North and Main
Hutchinson Bros Store in rear of pic at railroad tracks
1925 Fire 1925 Fire 1925 Fire
Looking South across Business District
1925FireLookingWest.gif (576116 bytes) Ostrander OH E Side of Main Street looking South  OstWinterScene.gif (168623 bytes) houstonst.jpg (43760 bytes)
1925 Fire
Looking West across business district.  House in rear, at southwest corner of 2nd and North burned some 60 years later
1906 Postcard
Ostrander, Ohio
Taken from Main & North St looking South at buildings on East side of North St.  Hutchinson Bros Store at far end at tracks 
Winter Scene of Ostrander Business District from top of old elevator at railroad
Bef. 1925
Looking West up Houston Street from intersection of Main and Houston Street
Ostrander Oh Looking North on Main at Railroad  
1912 Postcard
Ostrander Ohio
Looking North from Railroad Tracks with Houston St visible at left
  Village's Namesake
Shelemiah Ostrander
Postcard from Ostrander, Ohio
abt. 1910
OstPostcard1.gif (336237 bytes) OstPostcard2.gif (349317 bytes) OstPostcard3.gif (291865 bytes) East Side of North St Looking West.jpg (82732 bytes)
Old Ostrander Postcard
Anyone have a better copy?
Old Ostrander Postcard
Anyone have a better copy?
Old Ostrander Postcard
Anyone have a better copy?
South Side of North St looking East
HJ Roloson 1951.jpg (219965 bytes) Not Sure.jpg (93341 bytes)  OstranderBigBook.jpg (1820805 bytes) OstranderBBInside.jpg (516841 bytes)
J.H. Roloson
Farm Repair & Grocery
"Lotties" at SR-36 and Ostrander Road
1951 Advertisement
Chris Leadly
Midway Market

Place nor Person Identified.  Among photos rec'd from Christina Johnson
Ostrander Genealogical Record
Village of Ostrander
It was a Gift the Village of Ostrander from the Ostrander Family Association in 2006
Village of Ostrander
Ostrander Family Association Presentation      
Kurt Brown, President Ostrander Family Association presents Ostrander Family History Book to Mayor Scott Jones and receives Ostrander Blanket      
Ostrander History, Frank Coe, 1956
cooper5th.jpg (380024 bytes)

StartOfElectric.jpg (70675 bytes)

Todd Cooper and Tim Haas add 5th Street to Village Ostrander is Wired