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Postal service in Scioto Township dates back to June 6, 1837 with the establishment of the Scioto Bridge Post Office which was located at Harry Rigger's tavern at the intersection of SR-36 and SR-257.  The mail was carried in on horse and later by stagecoach.  The USGS further reports this post office was discontinued on February 3, 1842. 

Yet, further research finds multiple sources referencing Scioto Bridge Post Office much later than 1842.

The United States Post Office Guide, published in 1851, lists Scioto Bridge in Delaware Co., Ohio with Napoleon B Arthur as postmaster.  This same book indicates Scioto Bridge and Little Mill Creek Post Office share the same route as follows... "From Delaware, by Scioto Bridge, Little Mill Creek, Marysville, Milford Centre, Woodstock and Brinton, to Urbana, 40 miles and back, twice a week to Milford Centre, and once a week residue.  Leave Delaware every Tuesday and Friday at 5 a.m., arrive at Milford Centre same days by 12 m.  Leave Milford Centre every Tuesday at 2 p.m., arrive at Urbana same day by 9 p.m.  Leave Urbana every Wednesday at 5 a.m., arrive at Milford Centre same day by 12 m.  Leave Milford Centre every Wednesday and Friday at 2 p.m., arrive at Delaware same days by 9 p.m.".

The trip from Delaware to Urbana took 19 hours.  Today, by car, the trip is 1 hour 5 minutes.

Again, Scioto Bridge Post Office is mentioned in the book, United States Post Office Directory and Postal Guide, published in 1853.  This 1853 printing identifies Cyrus Sprague as postmaster.

The Scioto Bridge Post Office is identified in the book, Pronouncing Gazetteer or Geographical Dictionary of the World published by J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1856.  It merely says "Scioto Bridge, a post-office of Delaware Co., Ohio".

There's more to learn about the Scioto Bridge Post Office.  When did it close?  Who were all the postmasters?

With regards to postmasters, we now know...

1851, Napoleon B. Arthur
1853, Cyrus Sprague
The post office at Fairview, Ohio, known as Little Mill Creek Post Office, dates from Feb. 3, 1842.  John Weaver, an early post master at this locale, sheds light on this post office in a letter he wrote to the Delaware Semi-Weekly Gazette that was published on May 1, 1903 saying "The name of our town was Fairview, but the name of the post office was Little Mill Creek, there being another Fairview post office in this state".  This post office was discontinued on October 2, 1854 when the post office was opened at Ostrander.
The Harts Springs Post Office was established on June 25, 1858.  It was renamed to the White Sulphur Post Office on July 15,1858.  B.H. Willis served as postmaster at some point between 1858 and 1880.   (1)  This post office was discontinued on June 29, 1918. (4)  
Millville found it necessary to change their name when it was decided to place a Post Office in this locale due to the fact that another P.O. had already been established with the name.  Therefore, the P.O. was established as Warrensburgh on August 26, 1885.  It was renamed to the Warrensburg Post Office on December 1, 1894.  Due to the introduction of rural route delivery, the P.O. was discontinued on September 30, 1901. (4)
Lybrand Post Office was established on February 21, 1898.  Service was discontinued on September 30, 1901. (4)  Don Wilson, retired Postmaster, found the Lybrand Post Office receipt book in the back of a closet at the Ostrander P.O.  He placed it in the care of the Delaware County Historical Society.
CRAWFORD MILLS (early 1800's)
Although Crawford Mills was never officially a post office, mail was directed to this location in the early days.  A mail route from Delaware to Bellefontaine was planned and a post office was planned at this location at SR-37 and SR-257, but the route following the Delaware Marysville Pike was selected instead and hence the formation of the Scioto Bridge Post Office.
One of the earliest postmaters of the Ostrander Post Office was William C. Winget who operated the post office out of his store that sat on the southwest corner of Main and Henry Street.  Yet, Mr. Winget was the second postmaster of the Ostrander Post Office and was not appointed until 1863.  Michael C. Bean who served as the last postmaster at Little Mill Creek Post Office continued to serve as the postmater in Ostrander until 1863.  Did the post office continue in Fairview and just have it's name changed... or did it move 1/2 mile south near Ostrander Station.  If so, where was it located?
There was also a Post Office established at Millville in 1885, the name later changed to Warrensburg and discontinued Oct. 1, 1901, when Rural Route No. 1 was established to serve this territory.

There was also a Post Office at Lybrand which was discontinued at the same time and for the same reason.  Kirwan K. Kalb was appointed Rural Carrier on Route No. 1 when it was established Oct. 1, 1901 and served until his death May 1, 1926.  Edgar C. Millburn (substitute) carried that route until June 13, 1927 when as the result of a Civil Service Examination, Floyd E. Prouty received his appointment as carrier on that route.  At this writing (1956), he is still carrying the route which has of course been extended to take in other patrons many times.  The original length was 22 miles and it is now 51+ miles.

A petition was circulated for a route south of the village and as a result Route No. 2 was established April 1, 1904.  Harry Cratty was the first carrier and Edward M. Laird (substitute).  Mr. Cratty was replaced by H.N. Latimer in 1911 and resigned Apr. 1, 1916 to accept the Assistant Cashiership of the Ostrander Banking Company.  As the result of the examination held to fill the vacancy, Frank R. Coe received the appointment taking effect Sept, 18, 1916 and has served Route No. 2 since that time except for about a year in 1918-19 when he was a member of the armed service during World War I.  Other substitutes who have served on Route No. 2 are J.A. Maugans, M.E. Miller, E.M. Coe, and C.E. Parrott.

school1911postrev.gif (206008 bytes) crattyenvelopecivilwar.jpg (15495 bytes)
Early Ostrander Postmark 
Mailed in 1887
by Turney & Drayer 
1911 Ostrander Postmark Envelope mailed to Jose Cratty, Co. L 5th N Cav., Washington D.C.
 May 20, 1865
PostOffice1936.jpg (527509 bytes) PostOffice1975.jpg (901367 bytes) Delaware Semi Weekly Gazette  
Ostrander P.O.
Ostrander P.O.
Delaware Semi-Weeky Gazette
May 1, 1903
Article places Little Mill Creek Post Office at Fairview, Ohio


Ostrander History, Frank Coe, 1956

1904-1907 Ostrander Postmasters Account Book

POSTMASTERS 1842 - 2003



Date Appointed

Little Mill Creek P.O. (located at Fairview)

Aaron Crain Postmaster 02/03/1842
John Weaver Postmaster 10/24/1843
Joseph Maugans Postmaster 11/05/1845
John Weaver Postmaster 06/15/1847
Ezekiel Rodgers Postmaster 07/21/1849
Michael C. Bean Postmaster 06/23/1853
Ostrander P.O.
Michael C. Bean Postmaster 12/19/1855
William C. Winget Postmaster 01/14/1863
Joseph V. Roberts Postmaster 08/25/1869
LeRoy Decker Postmaster 12/14/1869
William C. Winget Postmaster 09/02/1873
Abner Said Postmaster 03/08/1875
John Hause Postmaster 11/06/1885
Calvin B. Thompson Postmaster 02/16/1887
Elias Thomas Postmaster 05/20/1889
William H. Loveless Postmaster 09/11/1890
Arad W. Franklin Postmaster 04/13/1893
Martin L. Kalb Postmaster 04/28/1897
Fred L. Decker Postmaster 06/10/1914
Hosea M. Thompson Postmaster 02/15/1918
Edward J. Cranmer Acting Postmaster 07/07/1924
Edward J. Cranmer Postmaster 08/05/1924
Fred L. Decker Postmaster 10/06/1933
Clarence R. Bell Acting Postmaster 05/31/1945
Mrs. Ethel B. Knight Acting Postmaster 08/01/1946
Mrs. Ethel B. Knight's name was changed to Mrs. Ethel B.
Euverard by marriage on June 1, 1947.
Charles B. Montgomery Acting Postmaster 09/30/1947
Donald W. Wilson Postmaster 08/01/1949
Richard Cleveland Officer-In-Charge 10/07/1977
Jerry E. Sanborn Officer-In-Charge 05/08/1978
Irvin J. Von Almen Postmaster 11/04/1978
Marie Hill Officer-In-Charge  
Carol A. Kendrick Postmaster 01/30/1988
Richard A. Brinkley Postmaster 05/17/2003