Ostrander and Scioto Township History

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Scioto Township originally existed only on the west side of the Scioto River.  Taken from Old Virginia Military Land, It was formed December 7, 1814 by the granting of a petition by the Delaware County Commissioners.  It was to include all west of the Scioto River in what was then Radnor and run south to the mouth of Mill Creek.  

Later in 1821, when forming Concord Township, Scioto Township boundaries were further defined; begin on the west bank of the Scioto River, at Dilsaver's Ford, thence west to the Union County line, thence south with said line to the middle of Mill Creek, thence eastwardly with the north line of Concord Township, to the Scioto River, then up river with the meander thereof to the place of beginning.

In 1852, Scioto Township was allowed two school districts east of the Scioto River and therefore this land was annexed from Concord Township, extending to the Delaware Township line.

A few years later, another portion of Concord Township, situated west of the Old Mill Creek Settlement was annexed for the benefit of the residents due to it's proximity to Ostrander.

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