Ostrander and Scioto Township History

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March 1, 1803   Ohio admitted as a State.
May 1806 Scioto Twp Richard Hoskins and his family come to the mouth of Bokes Creek and settle.  (1)
June 1806 Scioto Twp Zechariah Stephens and his family come and settle near Richard Hoskins.  (1)
Feb. 10, 1808   Delaware County is formed from a part of Franklin County, Ohio (1)
1811 Scioto Twp Richard and Evans Carr settle in Scioto Township (1)
1812   War of 1812 begins.
Dec. 7, 1814 Scioto Twp Scioto Township is formed (1)
1815 Edinburg About 1815-16, the families of William Cratty, John Lawrence, and Andrew Dodds came to the banks of Little Mill Creek in the vicinity of Edinburg and settle.  It is believed Edinburgh was platted shortly after that although there is no record of who platted the village, nor when it was recorded. (1)
1815   War of 1812 ends.
1820   U.S. Census (The first for Scioto Twp. No census was done in 1790.  The 1800 and 1810 Census were lost)
June 6, 1837 Scioto Twp Little Mill Creek Post Office established, renamed to Scioto Bridge Post Office on 2/3/1842, discontinued on 10/2/1854 (4)
Feb. 3, 1842 Ostrander Little Mill Creek Post Office established, later renamed to Ostrander Post Office on Dec. 19, 1855 (4)
Feb 3, 1842 Scioto Twp Little Mill Creek Post Office renamed to Scioto Bridge Post Office (4)
July 4, 1845   Texas becomes a U.S. State
1846   The Mexican War Begins
1847   The Mexican War Ends
1849 Ostrander Ostrander's first physician, Dr. Erastus Field, locates to Ostrander (1)
1852 Ostrander Ostrander platted into 104 lots by I.C. Buck (7)
1853 Ostrander William C. Winget opens the first store in Ostrander one year prior to completion of the railroad. (1)
Oct. 2, 1854 Scioto Twp Scioto Bridge Post Office is discontinued. (4)
1854 Ostrander The Springfield, Delaware, and Mt. Vernon Railroad construction is completed. (7)
Dec. 19, 1855 Ostrander Little Mill Creek Post Office renamed to Ostrander Post Office. (4)
June 25, 1858 White Sulphur Hart's Springs Post Office established, renamed to White Sulphur Post Office on July 15, 1858, discontinued on June 29, 1918, service continued from Ostrander Post Office. (4)
July 15, 1858 White Sulphur Hart's Springs Post Office renamed to White Sulphur Post Office. (4)
1861   Civil War begins.
1862 Ostrander Little Millcreek Presbyterian Church relocates from Fairview Cemetery to the Village of Ostrander and is renamed the Ostrander Presbyterian Church. (17)
1862 Ostrander Train tracks from Springfield to Delaware are sold to the Cleveland and Columbus Railroad which later consolidates with the Cincinnati and Dayton Railroad. (7)
October, 1862 Ostrander Smallpox epidemic.  Presbyterian church reports no service from Oct. to Nov. due to epidemic.
June 12, 1865 Scioto After participating in the Grand Review in Washington, Jacob Ostrander's regiment, the 121st O.V.I., Co. C, is paid final compensation and released from duty at Columbus, Ohio. 
1865   Civil War ends.
1866 Ostrander Advertising directory for Ostrander in atlas includes S. Stricklin, Proprietor Ostrander Hotel and Shoemaker, Hutchinson Bros., Dealers in Dry Goods and Furniture, Notions, etc., Wm. C. Winget, Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, etc. I. Anderson, Dealer in Thorough Bred Sheep, James Snodgrass, Physician & Surgeon, Edinburgh
1870 Ostrander Stone railroad trestle on east side of Ostrander is built.  What was used 1854 to 1870?
Nov. 2, 1871 Ostrander Lodge of Odd Fellows is formed. (1)
May 18, 1875 Ostrander Ostrander is incorporated.
April 5, 1876 Ostrander First meeting of the Ostrander Town Council. (1)
1877   Rutherford B. Hayes of Delaware, Ohio becomes the 19th President
1880   U.S. Census
1882 Ostrander Smallpox epidemic in Ostrander. (7)
Aug. 26, 1885 Warrensburg Warrensburg Post Office established. (4)
Sept. 1888 Ostrander Ostrander organizes a high school.  The closest high school prior to this was 8 miles away. (9)
1889 Ostrander Brick building on northwest corner of North and Main built.  Building has housed bank among other businesses.
1889 Ostrander Frank Maugans opens the first bank, Scioto Savings Bank. (7)
1889 Ostrander Evin Thompson (enrolled in first class of high school) drops out to accept a position as cashier at the Scioto Savings Bank.
Dec. 1, 1894 Warrensburg Warrensburgh Post Office renamed to Warrensburg Post Office (4)
May 1, 1896 Ostrander First edition of Ostrander Magnet printed by W.H. Baker
Feb, 21, 1898 Lybrand Lybrand Post Office established, discontinued Sept. 30, 1901, service continued from Ostrander Post Office (4)
1900 Ostrander Flour mill in Ostrander burns. (7)
Sept. 30, 1901 Warrensburg Warrensburg Post Office discontinued, service continued from Ostrander Post Office (4)
Sept. 30, 1901 Lybrand Lybrand Post Office discontinued, service continued from Ostrander Post Office (4)
Mar. 24, 1903 Ostrander Frank Maugans dies.  Members of the community meet and establish the Ostrander Banking Company. (7)
1906 Ostrander Sidewalks are placed adjacent to the bank on North and Main Streets. (7)
1906 Ostrander Harry Crist, graduate of Ostrander High School serves as State Representative 1906-12 (9)
1908 Ostrander "Webb House" in Ostrander burns. (7)
May 3, 1909 Ostrander Hitching posts are placed in front and on the east side of the bank. (7)  T
1909   Lincoln Penny is introduced.  
1910 Ostrander Ostrander Banking Company purchases a safe. (7)
Feb. 25, 1913 Ostrander Train wreck.  Twenty-two cars leave the tracks where the tracks cross Little Mill Creek (Blues Creek). (7)
1914   World War I begins.
1916 Ostrander Last class to graduate from the old building.  New building was under construction. (9)
June 29, 1918 White Sulphur White Sulphur Post Office is discontinued, service continued from Ostrander Post Office. (4)
1918   World War I ends.
Dec. 1919 Ostrander Ostrander Banking Company is robbed.  Safe destroyed.  A better safe is installed. (7)
1925 Ostrander Ostrander's business district is destroyed by fire. (7)
Mar. 15, 1933 Ostrander Ostrander Banking Company granted authorization to re-open for business after the federally mandated "Bank Holiday". (7)
1935 Ostrander Ostrander Banking Company becomes FDIC-Insured.  Deposits are guaranteed up to $5,000.00. (7)
1939   World War II begins.
1945   World War II ends.
1948 Ostrander Ostrander Farmer's Exchange builds towering concrete grain elevator on Henry Street.
June, 1950   Korean War begins.
July, 1953   Korean War ends.
1954 Ostrander Fire house is built on southwest corner of Main and Houston Streets. (7)
1957 Ostrander Ostrander Business Association is organized.  The effort is led by Fay Parrott. (7)
1959   Vietnam War begins.
1961 Ostrander Ostrander Banking Company merges with the Delaware County Bank. (7)
Feb. 10, 1971 Ostrander Train service to Ostrander is discontinued. (7)
1971 Ostrander Ostrander Senior Citizen's Association is organized. (7)
May, 1975 Ostrander Ostrander celebrates Centennial
1975   Vietnam War ends.
May 21, 1975 Ostrander Ostrander designated as a Bicentennial Community by the National American Revolution Bicentennial Commission.
1979 Ostrander Ostrander elects it's first woman mayor; Linda Lowery. (7)